Schaufensterbummel gegen Bassidjiterror

Nicht mehr von Ghandi, von H&M lernen. Was via Daily Dish als neue postrevolutionäre Taktik Moussavies gemeldet wird, nun, verblüfft. Bazarstreik einmal anders. Mal sehen, ob es wirklich bestätigt wird. Da tun sich ganz neue Perspektiven auf.

Mousavi – We will not expend any more energy talking to the Gov in the streets – we must change course #Iranelection breaking news RT RT RT

Mousavi – From Today every morning at 9am WE ALL travel to Tehran Bazaar – whatever reaction from Gov – Bazaar will close

Mousavi – stop all work and travel with friends & family toward Tehran Bazaar every day at 9am

Mousavi – do NOT wear green – dress normally – bring your children – if stopped u are ONLY going shopping

Mousavi – the objective is to bring Tehran to standstill – millions of people go shopping but NOBODY SHOPPING

Mousavi – There is nothing to fear – if asked – YOU ARE ONLY GOING SHOPPING

Mousavi – no matter what the reaction of the Gov – the Bazaar will close or be at standstill

Update: Der Aufruf, der in der Konsequenz ab morgen jeden, der auf dem Bazar rumlatscht, zum potentiellen Regimegegner machen würde, stammt offenbar von Khatamie, der ihn auf Moussavies Facebook veröffentlicht hat.

On Tuesday morning, from 9am all of us all over Iran will make our way towards the markets (bazaar). If they try to block us the market will shut down, and if they don’t then we will create such a swarm that the market will still close down. If the telephones/mobiles are cut off from first thing in the morning business will be disrupted all over the country and markets will close, and with our movement towards the bazaar with the goal of closing it down we will gather others to walk with us.
Bring your children too and very calmly – without shouting slogans – without wearing green – we will look as though we are going shopping but we won’t buy anything and will think only of shutting down the market, and will not leave any traces of ourselves. We will not even show the victory sign with our hands… under no circumstances …
Think only of victory and bring children throughout all the cities in Iran without slogans, without slogans, without slogans, calmly, calmly, calmly without green, without conflict. If someone interferes, don’t engage in conflict because in appearance we are a crowd shopping, there’s nothing to fear and everyone will come – no clashes, no bloodshed, no slogans, no conflict. If they try and stop us we will return home easily because our goal is to shut the market down not protest. If they throw tear gas the market will be closed down, we are clever and we won’t engage in conflict and any conflict on the part of the security forces will cause chaos in the market and it will close, but we will not engage in conflict. We will calmly think of victory and the market will either close from our swarms or from a lack of activity. Either way we are the winners. Moosavi needs your support and needs your leadership to make sure that this goes ahead on time.

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