Teheran im Sandsturm – Moussavies Schemen taucht auf und gibt Demoanweisungen


Am Montag abend haben sich Khatami, Karrubi und Moussavi getroffen.

Moussavie laut Press TV: the Iranian nation does not trust the Ahmadinejad administration. (Die Berichterstattung von Press TV über die Äußerungen Moussavies ist heute bemerkenswerter Weise wesentlich ausführlicher als über die dünnen Äußerungen von Ahmedinejats neuester „großer“ Fernsehansprache).

He went on to warn that „the illegitimacy of the government“ would weaken the fundamentals of the establishment even as the government struggles not to lose face. The defeated candidate, however, pledged that he would continue with his protest at the government’s political conduct.

Mousavi said based on his belief in „team work“ he is determined to work with a well-organized committee to deal with the issues surrounding the disputed election.

„We should make every effort to pursue the case of our opposition by moving within a legal framework,“ he explained.

During the meeting, they said that the ‚wave of arrests‘ in the country must be brought to an immediate end, calling for the release of those kept in custody without being found guilty.

The three opposition figures also called for an end to what they described as the ‚ultra security situation‘ in the country, warning that the very continuation of such conditions could result in and benefit extreme political acts.

Die Sache mit den Verhaftungen schlägt langsam aber gegen das Regime zurück. Es ist eine Sache Menschen zu verängstigen – aber es herrscht eben immer noch nicht Totenstille. Und die weiteren Möglichkeiten des Regimes für „Ruhe“ zu sorgen jenseits des völlig entfesselten Terrors werden weniger und weniger. Zumal sich die Opposition jetzt das Gefangenenthema zu eigen macht und dabei auf der zwar einigermaßen fiktiven, aber auch von dem Regime hochgehaltenen „Legalität“ beharrt.

via NiacINsight:

According to Etemademilli, Karroubi’s office announced a phone number and asked the families of the arrested, injured and missing individuals to follow up on their issues by calling this number. People can call “22713135″ from 8am-8pm regarding their concerns.

Zur Vorbereitung der Demonstration am Donnerstag (dem Jahrestag der Studentenunruhen 1999!) Hinweise von Moussavies Facebookseite (ausgewählt und kommentiert von niacINsight):

The Philosophies of the Green Movement”

1)      The demonstrations scheduled for July 9th are to be non-violent and within the bounds of the law. However we must prepare ourselves for reaction from non legal personnel and the best weapon here is patience and calmness.”

2)      Our second weapon is a red flower. [During the 1979 Revolution, demonstrators would approach lines of soldiers and place red flowers in their gun barrels as a sign of peace and friendship.]

3)      Remember that the ‘path’ and ‘participation’ is important – not the ‘destination’. If you are faced with armed forces, just change your direction and continue on your path.

4)      We are not in the position to take risks, but we must be in the position to accept responsibilities. We must be ready in body and spirit.

5)      Wear regular clothing and do not use make up or fix your hair in a way that can be used to identify you; we don’t want the children of the revolution to be oppressed any further than this.

6)      Do not bring any personal identification or anything that can be used to identify you.

7)      Refrain from carrying any jewelry or any other expensive items.

8)      Just write the phone number of your closest relative on a piece of paper and carry it in your pocket for emergencies only.

9)   Just use silent gestures such as holding up your two fingers and avoid using harsh chants such as “death to” – instead use chants such as “long live”. The best chant is “Ya Hossein… Mir Hossein”.

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