„CNN reports thousands in the streets, armed clashes“

Noch mehr aktuelle Twitter bei Revolutionary road

Erweiterte Twitter-Übersicht unten auf der HuffPo-Seite

Ein ist jetzt schon klar, den deutschen Medien-Standard-Satz, das Regime habe die Opposition auf der Straße zum Schweigen gebracht, werden wir heute nicht mehr zu hören bekommen (obwohl, in ihrer Angst, im Iran könnte etwas passieren, würden sie selbst das fertig bringen).

Eine erste Grobsortierung von enduring america:

There are general reports from various sources of security forces “beating” protesters. Unconfirmed reports of use of tear gas and gunshots at Enqelab and/or Vanak Square. Clashes at Karegar Shomali Street nearr Enqelab Square.
It is not possible at this point to measure both the size of the demonstrations and the scale of the violence. Some “mainstream” media are rushing out the story that “only 250″ people have gathered. That appears to be a limited, if not wholly inaccurate, view. What appears to be happening, instead, is that groups of people are meeting at different locations (latest report is several hundred in front of the Polytechnic in Tehran).

Interessant auch der mehrfache Hinweis, daß Armeeinheiten die Polizei stellenweise abgelöst haben sollen. Außerdem die Hinweise auf Proteste in  Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahwaz, Babol, Kerman, Mashaad, Sari.

Via HuffPo:

CNN reports thousands in the streets, armed clashes. The transcript of a report on CNN from about 20 minutes ago:

Heidi, things are really heating up in the streets of Tehran. The crowds were in the hundreds according to our observers about a couple of hours ago. Now they say between 2,000 or 3,000 people, and we can confirm at least five clashes between security forces and protesters.

This is happening in revolution square…very close to Tehran University. This is a protest to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of another protest ten years ago, a crack down that killed several students… The government had said don’t come out or there will be a crackdown and that’s exactly what’s happening. Of course, we don’t have the ability to show you pictures from there because the international media is banned, but a lot of the things that we’re confirming from observers on the ground coincide with what we’re seeing on Twitter. Here you see a bunch of activity on Twitter, here’s one person saying helicopters and armored persons are making things worse. Here’s another thing, people moving towards or Revolution Square.

So we hadn’t seen these types of clashes about a week and a half right now because of the government crackdown, there was a lot of Internet chatter that because of this ten-year anniversary, people would use this opportunity to come out and protest the elections. It looks like it’s happening again, at least five clashes we can confirm between security forces and protesters, Heidi.
Clashes infront of Tehran Universi and VankSq.

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