Yes He* Can! Nach Mullah, Chavezollah und Castrollah jetzt Marsch nach Honduras!

chaves                                          by Nikahang

Obama*’s Kerenskyism, Honduras and the Chavist Abyss

Just like President Eduardo Frei Montalva passed to history as the Chilean Kerensky for paving the road to socialist Allende, president Obama is at risk of passing to history as the Americas‚ Kerensky if pushing Honduras into the Chavist abys (By Armando Valladares)

It is the same secretary Clinton that in Honduras, at the recent OAS meeting, approved the acquittal of the bloody Castro dictatorship; the very secretary of state that, along with president Obama, is open for a dialog with the pro-terrorist Iranian government; opens her arms to the Cuban communists; meets and smiles with dictator-president Chávez; and shuts the door to the civil Honduran delegation that went to Washington simply to explain their version of the facts. There are two weights and two measures of an injustice, hypocrisy and arbitrariness that clamor to heavens. more here… 

Zur Liebesbeziehung zwischen Ahamad und Hugo siehe hier… 

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