„Sex and Drugs“ – Ayatollah Style

Shoaib Choudhury ueber das Leben junger Frauen im Iran, Unterdrueckung, Drogen und die schittische Kurzzeitehe, eine Institution, die de facto Prostitution, die ansonsten kriminalisiert ist, auf Kosten der Frauen legalisiert. Jeder weiss, dass der Iran ein massives Drogenproblem hat, nicht jeder, dass Ehrtoetungen an der Tagesordnung sind, Maedchen haeufig schob vor oder in der Puberatet verheiratet werden, zumindest im Nordwesten des Landes bis zu 70% aller Frauen genitalverstuemmelt sind und auf Ehebruch (bzw. was die Mullahs dafuer halten) die Todesstrafe steht:

You will learn that by replacing a once progressive legal system with Sharia doctrine, the ‘Islamic regime’ has systematically oppressed, marginalized and dehumanized one half of its own citizens. Under this draconian system, Iranian women have lost their inheritance rights, as well as custodial rights to their own children. They are required to secure the express approval of their husbands or male guardians to obtain passports and to travel. Under Sharia law, a woman’s testimony in court is, at best, worth half the testimony of her male counterpart.

Even more astonishing, Iran’s new Islamic-guided government has established a system of legalized prostitution, through the practice of „sigheh“ or „temporary marriages,“ by which a mullah arranges a „legal union“ between a man and a girl [some as young as nine years old] for a fee. The so-called marriage can last anywhere from one hour to 99 years. Under this system, men are free to enter into as many temporary marriages as they so desire, without having any legal obligation or responsibility toward the women and children that they „marry“ only to use as sexual objects and slaves.

Not surprisingly, this legalized system of slavery and oppression has led to a growing sex-trafficking industry that is partially operated by government officials and mullahs themselves. The girls who are forced into this system of sexual and economic slavery are typically transported to various countries in the Persian Gulf and are sold to individuals as well as to established brothels. The budding industry of sexual trafficking of Iranian girls has led to growing concerns about the spread of AIDS/HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases throughout the region.

Temporary marriages are not the only method of institutionalized oppression of women and girls by the Islamic regime. Atefeh Rajabi was hanged in the city of Neka in the early hours of August 15, 2004. Her crime was officially declared to be „adultery,“ even though she had never married and was only 16 when the very judge who had condemned her to death served the added role of executioner by personally placing the noose around Atefeh’s tiny neck and ordering her body to be raised.

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