Große Worte, kleiner Widerspruch

Die Islamische Republik ist ein friedliebendes Regime, ein Hort der Stabilität für die Region. Dazu zwei Meldungen:

1. The Tehran government says it fully supports a united and stable Yemen, ejecting claims that Iran has been interfering in San’a’s internal affairs. „The Islamic Republic of Iran has invariably stressed the importance of Yemen’s territorial integrity and the independence, sovereignty and national unity of the country,“ Iran’s embassy in Manama said in a statement. „Iran, alongside the Republic of Yemen, is exerting efforts within the context of peace, security and stability. We believe that increasing tension and debates that lead to bloodshed do not serve peace, stability or national unity in Yemen. „We hope to see national unity, security and stability in the Republic of Yemen, through measures and the wisdom of the leadership and government of Yemen,“ the statement added.

2. According to the publication Iranian Diplomacy, Iranian State Television on Friday aired a program in which the analyst called Abdul Malek Al Houthi the leader of Shiite rebels in Yemen a follower of Ayatollah Khomeini and „Shiite Revolution.“ The analyst called Yemen as the third frontier, besides Lebanon and Palestine, in Iran’s battle of influence.

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