Wer reinigt das niedrig angereicherte aber verungereinigte Uran: Russland oder Frankreich?

A Hitch in Iran’s Nuclear Plans?

Washingtonpost, by David IgnatiusSince you’re probably not a regular reader of the trade publication Nucleonics Week, let me summarize an article that appeared in its Oct. 8 issue. It reported that Iran’s supply of low-enriched uranium — the potential feedstock for nuclear bombs — appears to have certain „impurities“ that „could cause centrifuges to fail“ if the Iranians try to boost it to weapons grade.

Now that’s interesting. The seeming breakthrough in negotiations on Oct. 1 in Geneva — where Iran agreed to send most of its estimated 1,500 kilograms of low-enriched uranium abroad for further enrichment — may not have been exactly what it appeared. Iran may have had no alternative but to seek foreign help in enrichment because its own centrifuges wouldn’t work.  more here…

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