Schlappe für den „Supreme Leader“

Schöne öffentliche Schlappe für den „Supreme Leader“, der dann auch gleich das Weite suchte:

Top Iranian student Mahmoud Vahidnia confronted Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei at a public meeting with students. The Supreme Leader was so distraught by the confrontation that he skipped prayers and left the meeting early. The event was being broadcast by Iranian state-run TV. That made the authorities stop airing the programme.

Rooz Online reported:

Mahmoud Vahidnia, a distinguished mathematics whiz from the Sharif Technical University, frankly criticized the supreme leader during his meeting with students, as state-run media outlets were unable to censor the remarks.

This international mathematics Olympiad winner blasted Khamenei in person in an unexpected move, focusing on “supreme leader’s performance” and the “lack of criticism against supreme leader.”

In addition to criticizing Khamenei personally and the office of the supreme leader, this student also criticized the state radio and television’s biased coverage of issues and the police’s brutal crackdown of people protesting against the election results.

Ayatollah Khamenei was forced to respond to the student’s criticism, but according to several eye-witness sources, the supreme leader was so distraught by the student’s remarks that he cancelled the usual prayer session and left the meeting early.

According to this video, Vahidnia disappeared after the confrontation.

[via Gateway Pundit]

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