Angehörige der Verhafteten von gestern wehren sich!

Reports from Tehran tell of clashes between families of yesterday’s detainees and security forces in Tehran in front of Vozara detention centre.

Radio Zamaneh has been told that over 50 people, all families of the detainees who were arrested yesterday in the Novemeber 4th ceremonies, had gathered since this morning in front of the detention centre to follow up on the situation of their loved ones. Reportedly some of yesterday’s detainees were transferred to this detention centre.
One of the mothers told Radio Zamaneh: “The officers beat the families and addressed them using obscenities and told some us that for now we shouldn’t be after the release of our children.”
An eyewitness report tells of the families impeding a bus that was trying to transfer detainees from the centre to Evin prison.
Human Rights Reporters Committee revealed that several buses and vans took detainees to Evin prison yesterday evening.

via Radio Zamaneh

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