„project 3 – weapon system“

Diesmal könnte es sich um ein ziemlich fatales Leck im iranischen Atomprogramm handeln. Das von der Times publizierte Geheimpapier zur Entwicklung eines Zündmechanismus für die iranische Bombe  schlägt jedenfalls langsam durch. AFP meldet:

When asked to elaborate on the revelation of a nuclear trigger, Crowley, the assistant secretary of state for public affairs, said: „I will not discuss intelligence matters.“

But when pressed further, he said the US government will investigate the report.

And when asked to give his opinion of the news report, Crowley first replied „no“ before adding „it was a fine piece of journalism. Enough said.“

Die Bewertung der Unterlagen durch das Institute for International Science and Security – das sie für die Times geprüft hat – ist vorsichtig:

Some have characterized this document as a smoking gun on Iran’s weaponization activities.  It might in fact be that. But ISIS urges caution and further assessment of this document, in particular to confirm the document’s date and with how the document fits with other information regarding Iran’s nuclear weaponization activities both prior to 2003 and any work afterwards.  The document could describe work to develop and maintain a capability rather than being part of a program authorized to build nuclear weapons.  The document does not mention nuclear weapons and we have seen no evidence of an Iranian decision to build them.  On the other hand, doing the kind of work described in this document is a far cry from the common belief that Iran stopped work on nuclear weapons in 2003 and has not restarted such work.  Even without a decision to build nuclear weapons, this type of work is consistent with a plan to have all the research and development in place in the process of creating a reliable nuclear warhead for a ballistic missile such as the Shahab 3.

Der Volltext: New Document Reopens Question on Whether Iran’s Nuclear Weaponization Work Continued Past 2003

Etwas weniger zurückhaltend ist die Publikation des vermutlichen Organigramms der geheimen iranischen Atomforschung.

Die Times über ein ebenfalls vorliegende Memo, das die Strukturen des Forschungsprogramms sowie den vermutlichen Leiter der geheimen Forschungen identifiziert:

The memo from Mr Fakhrizadeh, dated December 29, 2005, is addressed to the heads of 12 different departments that make up Fedat [der Name des geheimen Forschungsprogramms]. Experts say that the grouping together of all these disciplines under a single military command points to nothing other than a weapons programme.

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