Wieder Hizbollah Schläger?

 Stratfor berichtet, dass der iranische Sicherheitsapparat angesichts so vieler Demonstrationen überfordert sei und man erneut Hilfe bei der Hizbollah angefordert habe:

STRATFOR has received reports from several sources in Lebanon claiming that hundreds of Hezbollah security personnel have already been dispatched to Iran to assist Iran’ s security forces in the crackdown. These reports are unconfirmed, but it is worth noting that there were similar reports of Hezbollah personnel being seen on the streets of Tehran during the June post-election crackdown.

STRATFOR has been told that the majority of the Hezbollah personnel will be deployed in Qom and Tehran.
The alleged deployment of Hezbollah personnel is apparently exacerbating rifts within the Hezbollah leadership. A major split within Hezbollah’ s top brass exists between the so-called doves, led by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, and the hawks, led by Nasrallah’s deputy, Naim Qasim. While Nasrallah wanted to avoid having Hezbollah personnel get embroiled in Iran’ s domestic turmoil, Qasim wanted to prove the group’ s loyalty to Tehran. STRATFOR sources claim it was Qasim’ s decision to send Hezbollah personnel to Iran under the guise of being military trainees to assist the Iranian security forces in dealing with the protesters.

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