Lebanese Daily: Mubarak Conveyed Message From Iran To Gulf Countries

The Lebanese daily Al-Nahar reports that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has conveyed a message to the Gulf countries, where he visited last week, a „reassuring message“ from Iranian Majlis speaker Ali Larijani, that Iran would respond to an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities by striking only at targets inside Israel.

The message added that if Iran were to be attacked from U.S. bases in the Gulf countries, it would attack the bases, and therefore the Gulf countries must prevent an attack on Iran from their territory.

Source: Al-Nahar, Lebanon, December 29, 2009


Iran Fails To Respond To Iraq’s Inquiry About Nuclear Facility At Border

Iran has declined so far to provide Iraq with information regarding its intention to build a uranium enrichment plant near its border with Basra in southern Iraq.

The construction of such a plant near a major Iraqi city is a major source of concern for the Iraqis, because of possible water pollution, health risks or radioactivity.

A former Iraqi air force officer said that Iran’s construction of a nuclear plant in an oil-rich area is a way of avoiding an air strike that could damage nearby oil fields and could cause an international economic crisis.

Source: Al-Mada, December 29, 2009

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