In responding to Iran, a litany of bad options

Michael Young berichtet in The National über den jüngsten Fehler der Obama-Regierung und insbesondere der Außenministerin Clinton in Bezug auf das iranische Atomwaffenprogramm:

The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton admitted before a gathering of university students in Doha this month that the Obama administration did not intend to attack Iran. Her honesty was surely admirable, but also ill-advised when the United States is engaged in a stand-off with Tehran over its nuclear weapons programme.

Mrs Clinton has claimed to be a devotee of “smart power”, which combines “hard power”, a state’s ability to coerce, with “soft power”, its talent to persuade. Yet with Washington’s efforts to engage Iran having failed until now, was it smart for the secretary to take military action against Iran so completely off the table?

It is painfully obvious that the international community has no idea how to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. [Weiterlesen…]

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