Die nächste Propagandakampagne

Momentan werden in Teheran einige – vor allem prominentere – der zahlreichen Verhafteten der letzten Wochen und Monate „freigelassen„. Dahinter könnte eine „Zuckerbrot & Peitschen“- Kampagne des Regimes im Vorfeld der Neujahrs-/Newrozfeierlichkeiten stehen. Interessante Hinweise auf die Fabrikation von „Geständnissen“ und „Interviews“, die im Gegenzug für Haftverschonung anläuft, liefert enduring america:

It is too early to tell if this is an orchestrated strategy of mass releases by the regime — an effective “amnesty” if those freed will just shut up, stop writing, and stay off the streets — but it follows Sunday’s carrot-and-stick statement by Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Doulatabadi (see yesterday’s updates). Doulatabadi promises detainee releases on the eve of Iranian New Year but added that those who did not recent would be treated harshly.

The “stick” part of the strategy also has come out in a Rah-e-Sabz report:

Many of those arrested and released over the past few months have been contacted and told to be prepared for interviews, which are subsequently conducted inside Evin Prison….

Interrogators contacted these former prisoners, who have either received their initial verdict or are waiting to receive their verdict, and force them to participate in these interviews. A transcript of the interview is given to the prisoners by their interrogators and they are told to memorize the content and say it in their own words. These former prisoners have been threatened that if they refuse to participate in the interviews they will have to spend the [Iranian] New Year holiday in prison or receive a heavier sentence.

The Jaras [Rah-e-Sabz] reporter said, “Transcripts of these interviews are given to news agencies close to the Reformists and they are forced to publish them. In the recent scenario, aside from the Islamic Student News Agency (ISNA), where prisoners were escorted to upon their release to conduct interviews, Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) has been forced on board [as well]. For the news scenario, the date of the interview is sometimes days or months from the time of the prisoner’s release and secondly the exact transcription has been forced on news agencies.”

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