Nedas Verlobter in Israel

Caspian Makan, Verlobter der vom iranischen Regime ermordeten Neda Agha Soltan, wurde in Israel von Präsident Shimon Peres empfangen:

On a more personal note, Peres told Makam that he understood how difficult it was for him to carry the burden of grief. He assured Makam that he would find friends and a very warm reception in Israel, and added that he appreciated the fact that Makam had given him the opportunity to personally convey his condolences over the tragedy and to express his hopes for Iran’s future.
Makam replied that he had been impressed by what he had already seen in Israel. It was in his a view a country that respected its citizens and allowed them total freedom – a situation that contrasted radically with that of Iran.
Before leaving, Makam said that he had come to Israel on behalf of his people as an ambassador of the peace camp. He had no doubt that Nada’s soul felt the warmth and the sensitivity of the reception he had been accorded in Israel.

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