It’s the Regime, Stupid!

Yaakov Katz führt in der Jerusalem Post aus, warum Israel – also: die zivilisierte Welt – vermutlich nicht von der Ermordung Ahmadinedschads profitiert hätte:

Since his rise to power in 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has to some extent served Israel’s interests. His denial of the Holocaust and persistent calls to destroy Israel have drawn the world’s attention to Iran’s covert military nuclear program, which led this past June to a new round of sanctions.

For the same reason, ahead of last summer’s rigged presidential elections, some Israeli officials privately expressed hope that Ahmadinejad would win, and not his contender, reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi.

While a candidate like Mousavi would likely not change anything in Iran’s race to become a nuclear power, and would continue to build the bomb, his more moderate appearance and rhetoric would assist the Islamic Republic in “laundering” the program. As a result, the international community would likely be more reluctant to pass tough sanctions and engage Iran in tough diplomacy. Ahmadinejad’s continued tenure helps ensure the pressure on Iran is kept up.

All of which is relevant given the reports on Wednesday – officially denied by Iran – that Ahmadinejad had been the target of a failed assassination attempt, and the inevitable raising of eyebrows in Israel’s direction. From the Israeli perspective, it would seem, it is the regime that matters, not its public, presidential face. [Weiterlesen…]

Das hindert Fanatiker natürlich nicht daran, hemmungslos das zu tun, was sie eigentlich ja so verabscheuen: zu spekulieren.

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