Großkampftag der Antizionisten

Diktatur, Propaganda und Prominenz; ein besonders leckeres Beispiel für den Zusammenklang der Internationale der Antisemiten – pardon „Israelkritiker“ – zum Auftakt des folkloristischen „Al-Quds-Tages“, aufgezeichnet von enduring america:

0710 GMT: […] No significant action, so Press TV is playing up the presence of Lauren Booth (the half-sister of Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair) as their correspondent in the centre of Tehran. She is enthusiastic, opening, “Well, I’ve never seen so many people take to the streets of a capital city in my life. Here we are…on Al-Qods Day 2010 with a million people expected….The message coming from Tehran today, not just to Palestine but to the world, is one of steadfastness, a message of solidarity.”

0740 GMT: President Ahmadinejad is now speaking at Tehran Friday Prayers, commenting on the repression of the Palestinian people and the “occupation” of the area over the past 60 years.

0748 GMT: More from Ahmadinejad on “moral corruption” and “cultural devastation” of the “Zionist regime”: “No culture is immune”.

Ahmadinejad says the Zionists have “manipulated history of World War II” with the symbols of the Holocaust”, which he calls a “likely crime”. He adds that politicians in Europe or North America are “selected by the Zionists”.

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