News from outer space

Der iranische Verteidigungsminster droht:

„The American, British and Zionist regimes are the three sides of the evil triangle of warmongering and terrorism in the world,“ […] „If the US and Britain do not seek to revise their policies and if they don’t start fundamental changes in their approaches and strategies, a fate worse than those of Hitler’s and Saddam’s will be waiting for them.“

Der iranische Präsident phantasiert:

„The most thoughtful people of the world are today looking at the Iranian nation and view the Iranian nation as their shelter, role model and mainstay,“ […]. He said the Iranian nation has established intimate relations with the other world nations and any good news from Iran, specially in nuclear grounds, gladdens the world people.

Etwas heilsgeschichtlich äußerst Bemerkenswertes hat sich auch zugetragen: With God’s help, Ahmadinejad’s picture saved structure from earthquake. via Kodoom

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