Welt wieder in Ordnung

In Tunesien, Ägypten , im Jemen und in Bahrain, die Revolutionen, Massendemonstrationen und Proteste hatte man in Teheran noch als islamisches Erwachen in den Fußstapfen der großen Revolution von 1979 bejubelt. Dann tauchte zwar die Grüne Bewegung wieder auf und wollte sie auch feiern, aber für derart dumme Ideen gibt es ja die Bassiji Milizen, die klar machen, wer-wie-wann-was im Iran zu feiern hat.

Aber nun in Syrien? Bei dem engen Allierten Assad, diesem Sozialisten des 21. Jahrhunderts, aufrechten Kämpfer gegen Zionismus und Imperialismus über dessen Regime man außerdem so vortrefflich die militärische und logistische Unterstützung der Hizbollah abwickelt? Das können und dürfen keine unterstützenswerten Aktivitäten gewesen sein, nein da muss es sich um etwas ganz anderes gehandelt haben. Nur: die Bilder aus Dera und Lattakia glichen doch irgendwie so unangenehm denen aus Ägypten oder Tunesien und die Forderungen auch. Gar skandierten Demonstranten in Syrien unverschämterweise auch noch: „Nein zur Hizbollah, Nein zum Iran.“

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Don’t Let Syria Play Out Like 2009 Iran

The West is rightly fretting over where the Arab revolutions will bring us, but there’s one we can be thankful for in Syria. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had it right when he said that the Syrian military should follow the example of Egypt’s that “empowered a revolution.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had it wrong — amazingly wrong — when she said that members of “both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said that they believe he [Bashar Assad] is a reformer.”

Bashar Assad’s regime is anti-American to the core and is tied at the hip to Iran. It has supported elements of al-Qaeda; preaches radical Islam despite its secular governance; is a major backer of Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad; and has the blood of countless U.S. soldiers and Iraqis on its hands. The Iraqi government even tried to build support for a UN tribunal to prosecute Syrian officials for destabilizing Iraq in 2009. You’d be hard-pressed to find an uprising more worthy of the West’s support, at least politically.

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Achse Kairo-Teheran?

Egypt’s new foreign minister, Nabil al-Arabi, said Tuesday that his country wants to promote ties with Tehran and that Cairo no longer sees Iran as its enemy.

In Teheran, wo noch immer eine Straße nach dem Sadat-Attentäter Khaled al-Islambouli benannt ist, wird man über die neuen Töne vom Nil hocherfreut sein.

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President Obama’s Failure to Support–With Words Not Guns–Iranian and Syrian Oppositionists Is A Disgrace

By Barry Rubin

At the moment in history when people are not just rebelling in the Middle East but when the opposition movements in Iran and Syria are at a high point, the fact that the U.S. government is standing by and not only doing nothing but virtually saying nothing.

No, it is even worse. For Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually praised Syrian dictator Bashar al-Asad. She said that „members of Congress“ who have gone to Damascus (notably Senator John Kerry who should henceforth be known as an apologist for an oppressive anti-American dictator), have found Bashar al-Asad to be a „reformer.“

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Iranians Draw Lessons from Middle Eastern Uprisings

By Frieda Afary

Just when the Green Movement seemed to have been defeated by the brutal repression of the Iranian regime, the mass uprisings in the Arab World gave it new life. This resurgence of the Green Movement is evident not only in recent street protests in Tehran and other major Iranian cities on February 14, February 20, March 1 and March 8, but also in a variety of articles by activists and thinkers who are reflecting on the lessons of the Middle Eastern uprisings (References are provided at the end of this article).

In my reading of many of these articles, I have come across three main issues: 1. The need to raise economic demands alongside political demands; 2. The need to go beyond calling for reform and put revolution on the agenda; 3. Warnings about the internal dangers after a movement successfully overthrows a dictator.

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Brüderliche Hilfe II?

Syrian sources announced that residents of the city of Dara’a were able to capture five elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who participated in suppressing the peaceful demonstrations protesting the regime of Bashar al-Asad in Syria, alongside with elements form Hezbollah and Syrian security forces, according to what was reported by the website “Beirut Observer.”


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Mehr Hinrichtungen

On Thursday March 24, 50 prisoners from Qezelhesar Prison in Karaj were transferred to Evin Prison. According to reports, these prisoners were charged with starting a riot in Qezelhesar Prison. It seems that officials have transferred these 50 prisoners, who all have death sentences, for execution in Evin Prison. Notably, in the March 15 clashes in units 2 and 3 in Qezelhesar Prison in protest to the planned execution of 10 prisoners, 150 prisoners were severely wounded especially after prison guards used live bullets and at least 80 prisoners were killed. Sources close to the government have announced that 47 prisoners were killed and injured in this incident which is immensely different from reports from independent sources.


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