Telefone, Revolutionsgarden und der Präsident

Rooz berichtet über einen neuen Streit, der in Teheran ausgebrochen ist:

Ertebatat Zirsakht telecommunications company – a government entity operating under the Ministry of Telecommunications – issued a warning to Iran’s main telecommunications agency, TCI that unless it paid up its debt, the country’s telecommunications with the outside world and even between the country’s provinces, would be cut off “in the near future.”

Ertebatat is the company that handles international Internet communications, inter-provincial and international telephone communications for Iran’s Telecommunication Company (also known as TCI or the Sherkate Mokhaberate Iran), the government agency that regulates all telecommunications.

Ertebatat split from TCI in 2008 and has been operating as an independent government agency since then. It has about 25 million land telephone subscribers, 41 million cell phone (mobile) subscribers and about a million data subscribers who receive services from TCI. According to the manager of TCI, Ertebatat made a net profit of 2.5 million Dollars.

Prior to that, TCI was a fully government entity. It was bought by a consortium of three companies owned by the Revolutionary Guards, the IRGC, and the Setade Ejraie Farmane Imam (translated as the Operational Group for the Imam’s Decree) in September of 2009. The consortium, called the Tose-e Etemad Mobin, bought the shares of TCI and is made up of three companies: Tose Etemad investment company and the Shahriyar Mahestan investment company – both of which belong to the Bonyad Taavone company (a cooperative foundation) belonging to the IRGC – and Gostareshe Electronik Mobin Iran company which belongs to the Setade Ejraie Farman Imam group.

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