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Members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee (FADC) expressed outrage at Germany on Thursday when they discovered they were visiting the Bundestag at the same time as an official Iranian delegation.

The committee members, including Chairman MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima), were surprised to find that while they were visiting the German parliament’s Defense Committee, representatives of the Majilis, Iran’s parliament, were speaking before the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

„It cannot be that while Germany calls for tough sanctions against the Iranian regime, official representatives of Germany undermine this policy by meeting with Majilis members,“ the MKs said in a statement. „They are sending the message that sanctions against Iran are passed with a wink.“

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Iran says US exploits Syria uprising to save Israel

The United States and its allies are exploiting popular protests in Syria to try to break an alliance between Damascus and Tehran against Israel, a senior Iranian official said on Wednesday.
Iran is watching the unrest in neighboring Syria with alarm and rejects western allegations it is helping its closest ally in the Middle East to crush a three-month popular uprising against President Bashar Assad’s rule. (…)

Tehran sees Syria’s unrest as a „Zionist plot“ against its close ally Damascus. The Islamic state is accused of equipping Syria to block the internet, drawing on its own extensive experience of crushing anti-government protests that followed the country’s disputed 2009 presidential vote.

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The Coming Turkish-Iranian Competition In Iraq

The two rising powers in the Middle East—Turkey and Iran—are neighbors to Iraq, its leading trading partners, and rapidly becoming the most influential external actors inside the country as the U.S. troop withdrawal proceeds.
Although there is concern in Washington about bilateral cooperation between Turkey and Iran, their differing visions for the broader Middle East region are particularly evident in Iraq, where a renewal of the historical Ottoman-Persian rivalry in Mesopotamia is likely as the dominant American presence fades.
Turkey aims for a robust Iraqi political process in which no single group dominates, sees a strong Iraq as contributing to both its own security and regional stability, and is actively investing in efforts to expand Iraqi oil and gas production to help meet its own energy needs and fulfill its goal of becoming the energy conduit from the Middle East to Europe.
Iran prefers a passive neighbor with an explicitly sectarian political architecture that ensures friendly Shiite-led governments; sees a strong Iraq as an inherent obstacle to its own broader influence in the region and, in the nightmare scenario, once again possibly a direct conventional military threat; and looks askance at increased Iraqi hydrocarbon production as possible competition for its own oil exports.

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Terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran should cease bombing Kurdish villages

Terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran has been shelling South Kurdistan {Iraq} for the last ten years, killing thousands of defenseless Kurdish civilians without any respect to international covenants. Due to the nonintervention of neither Washington, nor Baghdad, Tehran has been further emboldened to continue its cross-border aggressions.

Iranian consul has confirmed attacks on Kurdistan borders. Under the false disguise of hunting members of dissident groups, Iran is taking advantage of the opportunity to test fire some of its latest weaponries. Deafening explosions, abnormal smoke odors, and suspicious activities have been reported by eye-witnesses in near-by villages.

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Nachrichten aus dem inneren Betrieb III

Unglaublich… aber wahr. Denn der iranische Propagandasender Press TV meldet es: Ahmedinejad… hat wieder eine große Rede gehalten? Nein! DER PRÄSIDENT WILL SCHWEIGEN. Unglaublich, aber wahr:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he will not respond to accusations leveled against his cabinet, stressing that the government will continue to cooperate with the Parliament (Majlis).

Und zu seinen verhafteten Beratern will er auch nichts sagen. Wenn es an seine Minister geht, dann ist die rote Linie alllerdings überschritten, droht er dann doch ein bißchen.

The Iranian president said “such moves and pressure will definitely harm the country,” expressing hope that such behaviors would stop.

“Henceforth, we will continue to maintain our silence but where we see that a great harm will come to the country, I am obliged to tell the people everything… but I hope that things will not come to that.”

Was haben sie nur mit Mahmoud gemacht? Haben sie ihn wirklich so klein gekriegt? Wird er wirklich schweigen können? Bitte Mahmoud: Tell the people everything.

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Türkei erwägt Militärschlag gegen Syrien

Die Lage an der syrisch-türkischen Grenze droht außer Kontrolle zu geraten: Türkische Diplomaten haben mehrere europäische Regierungen informiert, dass sie eine militärische Akion gegen Syrien ausführen könnten. 

Wie die kuwaitische Zeitung As-Seyassah berichtet, haben türkische Diplomaten Deutschland, Großbritannien, Frankreich, Italien und die Nato informiert, dass sie eine militärische Offensive gegen Syrien in Aleppo, Homs, Hama und Latakia starten könnten. Die Zeitung beruft sich auf einen ungenannten britischen Diplomaten, wie die Website berichtet. 

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Iran Unveils Missile Silos as It Begins War Games

Iranian state television on Monday broadcast images of silos deep underground, saying they held medium- and long-range missiles ready to hit distant targets. The report showed footage of an underground launching pad for the Shahab-3 missile, which has a range of about 1,250 miles.
    Col. Asghar Qelichkhani said the missiles were permanently in the vertical position and „ready to hit the predetermined targets.“ Last year, the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London reported „emerging evidence“ of Iranian silos that could fire missiles at Iraq, Israel, Turkey and countries throughout the Persian Gulf. The commander of the Revolutionary Guards‘ Aerospace Force, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said with these installations „we are certain that we can confront unequal enemies and defend the Islamic Republic of Iran.“

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