Der zweite Jahrestag …

An eyewitness claims to have seen between 6000 and 7000 people from Vanak to Vali-e Asr Squares at 7:15 p.m. Tehran time

Ein anderer Augenzeugenbericht aus Teheran:

Silent protest went on with a large number of people participating and heavy security atmosphere. Many people showed up in their cars and participated in the silent protests.

At Beheshti St (Abbas-Abbad) traffic came to a stand still & drivers got out of their cars. Then people joined in the protest by honking horns. Traffic came to a stand still at Beheshti street and around Valiasr. On Valiasr the security forces were able to use the special bus lines to move around [the traffic]. The special forces on motorbikes were riding up and down the street. People [protesters] kept on moving towards Vanak and Vali-e Asr.

A large number of people were across from Saii Park…[where] there were special unit guards and plainclothes forces… in black clothing and gray vests [who] were videotaping people. Plainclothes on motorbikes (2 on each bike) were also videotaping people.

Anti riot forces in black clothes equiped with firearms and teargas were at Vanak Square. On Vali-e Asr street, from Vanak Square to Vali-e Asr Square, forces were present, but despite the heavy presence of forces people were present also.

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