„The people came“

The day when news on Iran was expected to be led by stories about people’s protest demonstrations to commemorate the rigged 2009 presidential election began with the unexpected death of Hoda Saber in Evin prison, giving supporters of the Green Movement another reason to gather a peaceful march.

People came. Until three pm, Tehran appeared normal; no agents in the streets and no unusual activities. But it was clear from a few weeks earlier that events were bound to take place and both sides were preparing for a confrontation. So, about two and a half hours before the official start of the silent demonstration on May 12th, the face of the longest street in Tehran, began to gradually change on the Vali Asr square to Vanak square stretch. As a number of trucks clearly displaying telecommunications gear took position, it appeared that City Theater was going to be the center of the government’s street command center for the day.

Via Rooz online

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