Iran can and must be stopped

With the world riveted by protests in Syria and the uprising in Libya, everyone seems to have forgotten the most important issue: Iran’s breathless pursuit of nuclear weapons. But the dearth of attention in no way reflects a lessening of the threat, as the ayatollahs march steadily closer to developing an atomic arsenal.

We all know full well what they plan to do with such weapons should they succeed in building them, as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made abundantly clear.

Indeed, just last week, in two separate appearances, the “Tyrant of Tehran” went out of his way to rail against Israel, labeling it “Satanic” and asserting that the Jewish state is the root of all evil.

Some like to mock the Iranian leader, portraying him as a nut. He most certainly is, but we must still take him at his word.

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