American intervenes in Iranian army operation into Northern Iraq

US Jeffrey Buchanan said that they are ready to give support to Baghdad government. The speaker of American Legion in Iraq, Jeffrey Buchanan, has stated that they are ready to give support to Baghdad Government in order to get Iran to end attacks at the border with Northern Iraq. Iran has been bombing Qandil and areas on the borderline for two years drawing a strong reaction from the Kurdistan Region President Mesut Barzani.  According to Kurdish sources, the Iranian army has increased its military activity into the territory of the Federate Kurdistan Region in recent months.

The Iranian army is still continuing its road-building works along the border. In addition to this, deep and long trenches have been dug in the border and the information that new police stations have been built in many countryside of the region, comes. It has been reported that people in the area had to move to Sidekan town whilst it is stated that howitzer, mortar bomb and katyusha attacks have relentless been carried out by the Iranian army in the PKK and PJAK controlled area along the border. Registering the increase in military activity by the Iranian army, the speaker of USA military Jeffrey Buchanan has decided to speak directly about the issue. He said that “Iran has to respect the territorial sovereignty of Iraq. If Iran feels in any way threatened by armed groups it should try to solve this problem with the Iraqi Government’’.


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