Hezbollah on edge in face of Syria revolt

The unprecedented revolt threatening the regime in Syria has placed key ally Hezbollah in a tight spot and prompted the Lebanese militant group to adopt a more measured attitude, analysts say.

‘Hezbollah’s margin of manoeuvre is currently very limited because the strategic Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis is threatened by the revolt and this forces the group to act prudently,’ said Paris-based Middle East expert Agnes Levallois.

The Shia party, also backed by Iran, is the most powerful military and political group in Lebanon and is a key player in the new government formed last month.

But the upheaval in neighbouring Syria caught Hezbollah off guard and threatens its position, analysts say.

When the revolt erupted in mid-March, ‘Hezbollah initially thought the Syrian regime would be able to quickly put down the revolt and that it would not be affected,’ Levallois told AFP.

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