The Iranian general ’secretly running‘ Iraq

Martin Chulov im Guardian über General Qussem Suleimani und seinen Einfluss im Irak:

The US – and some key neighbouring Sunni states – believe Iran’s strategy in Iraq as the conflict winds down is to keep the country in a permanent but manageable state of chaos.

„They keep it on simmer and turn it up and down when they want to,“ said one Lebanese official in Beirut.

The senior US military spokesman in Iraq, Major General Jeffrey Buchanan agreed. „Their overall strategy has been to keep [Iraq] isolated from the rest of its neighbours and from the US, because that makes it likely that it will depend on Iran. They want Iraq to play a subordinate, weak role.“

Only Iraq’s lawmakers can stop the master-client relationship from becoming entrenched here. It’s a task that Kurdish legislator in the national parliament, Mahmoud Othman, fears may prove to be beyond his colleagues.

„Qassem Suleimani is the key man to every decision taken in Iraq,“ he said.

„It is a shame to have such a man playing such a role in this country. There should be a relationship between equals like normal relations with normal states.“


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