Keine Einmischung in innere Angelegenheiten

The head of Iran’s parliament’s foreign affairs committee in Cairo:

„We must help Syria so we do not allow the United States to interfere in regional affairs,“ Borujerdi told reporters, accusing Washington of trying to destabilize Iran’s ally Syria.

Bestechende Logik: Iran muß sich in Syriens innere Angelegenheiten einmischen, damit die USA es nicht tut.

Goßartig auch dieses Statement von General Aoun:

“There is calm in Damascus, Aleppo and the [rest] of the cities. Sometimes there are some problems in Homs, but nothing dangerous is going on inside Syria.”

Aoun also questioned reports on the number of civilians killed in the country, but added that he is “not defending the Syrian regime.”

“Foreign powers are conspiring against Syria in an attempt to sever the country’s [close] ties with Iran, [the Palestinian Movement] Hamas and Hezbollah,” he added.

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