They Voted to Kill Lake Orumieh

Families of those arrested during the Ramadhan’s fast-breaking hours on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011, spoke with Rooz about their family members and said they still had no information about their status.

As described by witnesses and published video clips, an intense security atmosphere prevailed in yesterday’s gatherings and security forces in Tabriz tried to prevent people from gathering. In the town of Orumieh tear gas and shot were fired in the air to disperse crowds. This violence came despite that the slogans and calls of the demonstrators were mostly regarding environmental issues and the condition of Orumieh Lake.

The slogans people shouted included these: “Orumieh Lake brings life, but Majlis orders its death.” “Come cry, fill up Orumieh Lake with our tears” and “Azerbaijan shall live on, blind whoever can’t accept it.”

Aftab website, a primarily business site, covered the events and warned government officials that, “if officials did not want to rescue the dying Orumieh Lake, then they should at least be aware that not doing anything serious about the issue can create deep security issues in the north-western region of the country.” Read more

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