Erster Atomreaktor im Iran am Netz – der Bombe einen Schritt näher

Ein paar Tage nachdem die IAEA sich einmal mehr besorgt über dasiranische Atomprogramm geäußert hat, meldet Teheran Verzug. Nach Jahren sei Bushehr nun final ans Netz gegangen:

Iran’s first nuclear-power plant has started adding electricity to the national grid, finally coming on stream after years of delays, according to local media. The connection of the Bushehr plant to the national grid was originally scheduled for the end of 2010.

„Last night at 11:29pm [18:59 GMT], the Bushehr power plant was connected with 60 megawatts to the national grid,“ Hamid Khadem Qaemi, a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organisation, told Al-Alam television on Sunday.

He told Iran’s Arabic language TV station that the plant would be officially inaugurated on September 12, by which time it would be operating at 40 per cent capacity.

Die USA hatten in der vergangenheit versucht, den Bau den Reaktors zu verhindern:

US opposition to Russian construction of Bushehr rested on three main issues. First was that weapons grade plutonium could be extracted from the reactor allowing the Iranians to construct nuclear weapons. Secondly, the US feared that the Russians and the Iranians were using Bushehr as a cover for the transfer of other sensitive technology that would normally be prohibited. Finally, the US was concerned that the knowledge gained by Iranian scientists working at Bushehr could further Irans nuclear weapons program.

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  1. Andreas Moser Says:

    Time for more viruses.

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