Erpressung als Außenpolitik

Iran testet gerade, ob die USA in den Fußstapfen von Guido Westerwelle treten werden, der sich ja hat auch erpressen lassen:

Once again the Iranian regime has been masquerading about the two young Americans it has taken hostage and using as bargaining chips. The show trial of Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer for allegedly being „spies,“ and the sentence of eight years in an Iranian prison, are yet further attempts to force the U.S. to give it what it wants.

The news, however, that an Iranian kangaroo court has given these hostages a 20 day window for appeal is a nudge and a wink at President Obama, running for his second term, that the ball is in his court and that he ought to just cave in to their demands – whatever they are this time around.

The Mullahs of Iran know that when their citizens are on the line, Americans are prone to give in; the Mullahs employ, therefore, countless lobbyists, disguised as proud and patriotic members of the Iranian-American community, who advise the Iranian regime’s officials, receive advice from them, and relay the Mullahs‘ requests to Washington. Yet the American media, again, still bring „experts“ to conduct guessing games about the Khomeini regime’s next move.

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