Schlechte Zeiten für die Hisbollah …

meint zumindest Hanin Ghaddar von Now Lebanon:

For the first time, the Arab people have realized that their main enemy is their own tyrants, not Israel, the long-time enemy of Hezbollah. For the first time, the Party of God and its “divine” victories and “divine” arms are less significant than obtaining freedom and dignity. A new vocabulary for these new-found values is being invented every day on Arab streets.

Instead of trying to learn the new language of the street or at least pretend to support the people’s aspirations, Hezbollah seems to be fighting back, mostly when it comes to the uprising against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Lebanese are being forced to follow the party’s lead and support the dictator in Damascus or otherwise stay silent. (…)

It is very simple: Any ally of a dictator is an enemy of the Arab street.

It has become clear to many supporters of the Resistance that Hezbollah’s main priority today is its weapons. It is willing to support dictators and criminals as long as its weapons are protected.

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