Rivalry over Syria, Iraq widens rift between Turkey and Iran

Following a day-long meeting on Thursday, the top Turkish military council said it reviewed the military’s preparedness for war, without elaborating on what types of threats the country faces. Observers immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was a message designed to send chills through Tehran and its chief ally Syria.

The statement came shortly after a series of threats Iranian officials made against Turkey, although Iran denied they were the Islamic republic’s official position. The largely hidden „cold war“ between Tehran and Ankara is brewing quickly, bringing with it a greater risk of conflict.

The great indulgence granted to Iran’s ways and phobias in the face of a nuclear standoff last year between the Islamic republic and the West has reaped a self-destructing harvest, giving leeway to Iran’s never-ceasing desire to expand. It would have been unimaginable last year, following Turkey’s defense of the Islamic republic to defuse Western threats, to now expect Iran to end its friendship with the NATO member.

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