Karoubi Too Says No to the Next Parliamentary Elections

Mehdi Karoubi, a leader of Iran’s protest movement which sprung after the tenth presidential elections in 2009, announced that the Islamic republic of Iran intends to organize an orchestrated and dictated parliamentary elections in March 2012. According to him, state authorities planned to reject some candidates, annul certain ballot districts, fill the empty ballot boxes with nameless votes, and then launch their crusade with arrests and the creation of a terror and police atmosphere over the country, which would be a repeat of what they did in 2009.

Karoubi presented his views regarding the forthcoming March 2 parliamentary elections to his wife during their weekly meeting. His comments were published Saham News website which posts his views and those of his close advisors.

Karoubi’s prediction that the parliamentary elections would be “dictated and security driven’ comes as he ends his 300th day under house arrest. Karoubi along with Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who was a presidential contender himself, is a leader of the protest movement against the 2009 presidential elections which was born over two years ago and is commonly known as the Green Movement.

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