…. needs the oil revenues

The regime fanatically needs its oil revenue. This regime has already made its supporters dependant on state payments for providing political support and is fears the day when it will no longer be able to bring people into the streets to support it or engage in other religious or political events without such payments. The Iraqi regime never had the ability for such scenes and for mobilizing the masses and depended directly on its power of suppression.

Oil revenues provide the needs of hundreds of religious organizations whose mission is propaganda for the state, and suppression of opponents. State subsidies too are political rather than economic in nature and have been devised to recruit people. Through this project, the poor in Iran have for the first time become official salary recipients of the government. It is a fact that some seven or eight member families had never seen a million Toman (a US Dollar today can bring about 1,800 Toman) while they have been receiving this amount every few months as a state subsidy. People who receive such money have to remain loyal to the regime, and they do. They also participate in regime organized elections and demonstrations. Why would they not? After all, this money is handed over to them without any official requests. Those who are given such stipends are among the most ignorant and needy sectors of Iranian society who are forced to sell their dignity for money.

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