USA lack’s clear policies toward regime change in Iran

To whom USA policies are detrimental: no doubt two groups will suffer, first, Iranian nations, and secondly Israel. Some people consider USA and Israel two faces of the same coin, in reality that is not the case. Both countries are strong ally; they have common interest however, there is also competition between them. We should always remember that Free Market politics has no regular friends, no regular enemies but regular interest. Remember few years ago Mr Belhaj was a terrorist whom was accused of being involved in organized crimes committed by Al-Qaeda cells all over the world, today he is commanding Libyan Armed Forces with the support of USA.

EU and USA do not want regime change in Iran, however, what they are really aiming to achieve through the economic sanctions and psychological war is to pressurise Islamic regime to give up some of its regional ambitions. Therefore, Israel and Iranian nations have to develop their own policies toward regime. I believe it is legitimate for Israel to support Iranian opposition, or at least provides them logistic and political support as USA did in Libya, Turkey in Syria, in order to fight regime. Having reviewed Iranian ancient and contemporary political history all regime changes occurred in Iran with the foreign power interference, except 1979 Iranian Nations revolution, which later was abducted by the Islamists. It is improbable to expect Mr Obama to support Iranian opposition to setup transition council as he did in Libya through Security Council and NATO.


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