„One is Israel, and the other is Iran“

PM Netanyahu Speech at Annual Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations:

I can’t tell you if we’re in for 30 bad years, but I can say that what we’ve enjoyed in terms of peace and regional stability is not automatically guaranteed in the coming years, because there’s an Islamist wave sweeping the Arab world and beyond. There are very few populations that are exempt from it.
The ones that are clearly exempt from it in this large expanse that I described, are two populations that have inherently pro-Western, pro-American, pro-liberal views of the world. One is Israel, and the other is Iran, the general population.
Given the choice they would choose for that orientation. They were given a choice. They were given a choice some three years ago and they chose to oust that regime because they’ve experienced a radical Islamic regime.
They’ve experienced this night of darkness for 30 years and they don’t want to continue this early medieval conception (I don’t want to give medievalism a bad name. My father is a great medieval scholar and you should see some of the things that were produced), early medieval conceptions that denies women their rights, denies gays their rights, denies minorities and majorities their rights. This regime stole millions of votes and then clamped down on the people and they deny them their liberty.


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