Via EA:

The Wall Street Journal can write:

In middle-class and affluent neighborhoods many polling stations were empty or turnout minimal, according to witness accounts. One polling stations in northern Tehran said by midafternoon that no one had cast a ballot in the giant plastic box set on the table.

„Elections in our country is like a comedy show for me. They are all acting, so why should I participate?“ said a 32-year-old woman in Tajrish, a middle-class enclave in northern Tehran, as she was shopping for the coming Persian New Year.

And from Tehran Bureau:

The voting is even worse than we thought. I am reporting from a neighborhood in southern Tehran. Our house is close to a polling station. In the June 2009 [presidential] election, the station was so crowded the entire day and there was always a long line of people waiting to vote. But today there is nothing of the sort. People come one by one and there is no crowd. Most people who do vote are old people and very religious women with chadors.

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