Hello, Iran speaking

Phone calls made in recent days by Yedioth Ahronoth to several Iranian citizens revealed a fascinating picture of the enemy state that hides behind the scary rhetoric of the leaders from Tehran. […]
While top Iranian leaders Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boast that Western sanctions merely make Iran stronger and issue statements claiming Iran’s home front is resilient, the Iranians we spoke with have other news – the situation in the country is terrible.

Khatem, a real estate professional, says that the Iranian government’s propaganda isn’t working. “They can keep talking about Big Satan and Little Satan, yet aside from the religious fanatics, everyone looks up to the West. We want to be like in America, but wake up into a nightmare every morning.”

Iranians believe that anti-government protests will renew in full force after Syria’s Bashar Assad will be toppled. “Once Assad falls, the ground here will start to shake here as well,” says Razi.
“It will give youngsters plenty of incentive and vigor to hit the streets. At this time there are snitches everywhere and taking part in any political activity is strictly forbidden,” he says.

Amir says that Iran is much more similar to Israel than we may think. Many Iranians aspire to be like Americans, and view Jews as true potential partners. “The problem starts and ends at the top, with our leaders,” he says. “I can tell you with certainty, as one who hates the regime and wants it to fall, that the sanctions most certainly work.”

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