Wenn Assad erst weg ist

Iranians believe that anti-government protests will renew in full force after Syria’s Bashar Assad will be toppled. “Once Assad falls, the ground here will start to shake here as well,” says Razi.

“It will give youngsters plenty of incentive and vigor to hit the streets. At this time there are snitches everywhere and taking part in any political activity is strictly forbidden,” he says.

Maria, a 23-year-old student from Shiraz, says she took part in previous protests with relatives. One of them never came back, she says. “Talking is no good; it’s better to shut up,” she says, while describing the grim reality around her. “People are stockpiling food. They are scared. Everyone knows something bad is about to happen.”


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Eine Antwort to “Wenn Assad erst weg ist”

  1. Andreas Moser Says:

    Wishful thinking.
    If successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt don’t provide „plenty of incentive and vigor to hit the streets“, then nothing will help.

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