Spontaneous Demonstration on International Labor Day

As the first of May, the international Labor Day, approaches, and while labor unrest is ever present in the country, labor groups in Iran have announced plans to hold demonstrations on this date and noted that if the official permit for a national demonstration is not issued, they will launch a “spontaneous” demonstration.

The ministry of interior has discussed the requests for the demonstration in a meeting and officials have said the issue is “under discussion.”

Workers have said that they plan to raise their current living conditions during the demonstrations. Alireza Mahjoob, the secretary general of Khane Kargar (House of Workers) told ILNA labor news agency yesterday, “If the ministry of interior does not issue the permit for the labor day demonstration, workers will gather to display their support for domestic production and opposing foreign products in Khane Kargar. (…)

Mahjoob’s conservative remarks about the gathering on the international Labor Day have met with negative remarks on Facebook and Twitter and many labor activists have criticized him for his “conservatism and flattery of ayatollah Khamenei”. According to ILNA, these remarks by Mahjoob who did not join the post election protests in 2009 resulted in Ali Akbar Eyvazi, a member of the board of directors of the Islamic Workers Council in the province of Tehran to take a position that is different from Mahjoob’s, and talk of “spontaneous demonstrations” in opposition to the call for a gathering in the Khane Kargar.

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