Pan-European call for P5+1 to not tolerate Iranian delaying tactics on nuclear issue

Policymakers, prominents and STOP THE BOMB demand determined action against Iranian nuclear program

STOP THE BOMB, the European coalition for a nuclear-free and democratic Iran, which was founded in 2007 in Austria, published today a common statement by European policymakers and prominent public figures to warn about the danger of a weak compromise with the Iranian regime ahead of the nuclear talks in Baghdad. The joint statement that was signed by former head of British forces in Afghanistan Richard Kemp, former Foreign Minister of Spain Ana Palacio, Nobel Prize Laureate Elfriede Jelinek, former Dutch Minister of Interior Bram Peper, Beate Klarsfeld, former foreign policy Spokesman of the German SPD Gert Weisskirchen and others, reads as follows:

„On the eve of the upcoming talks between the P5+1 and Iran in Baghdad, we, the undersigned, together with the European STOP THE BOMB coalition urge policymakers in the European Union and the United States to be united and determined in our prevention of an Iranian nuclear bomb.

Western Governments must not tolerate Iranian tactics to obstruct progress and impede decisive international action. It is imperative that the P5+1 enforce the demands of the international community that Iran suspends all of its uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities, as prescribed in UN Security Council Resolution 1696.

Additionally, the European Union must not allow any delay with the implementation of the oil embargo, as well as the ship insurance ban. Western Governments must work to increase the political and economic pressure placed on the Iranian regime and should extend greater support to the Iranian secular and democratic opposition.“

The spokesperson of STOP THE BOMB, Simone Dinah Hartmann, adds:
“The numerous details of the Iranian nuclear weapons program that were published by an Iranian opposition group, particularly in regards to the feverish development of a nuclear warhead, demonstrate once more the severity of this situation.”

The complete list of signatories can be found here

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