Ägypten und der Iran

Egyptian officials say it is unwise to exaggerate the prospects of a boom in Egyptian Iranian relations at this moment.

„Eventually things could improve but it is premature now to expect an immediate normalisaiton of relations,“ said an Egyptian diplomat.

According to the same diplomat, who had served in Egypt’s diplomatic mission in Tehran, the call for resuming normal relations with Iranpredates the election of the Islamist president.

„Amr Moussa (Egypt’s foreign minister in the 1990s) tried very hard to give a push to this matter and he was hoping to make a breakthrough when he visited iran in December 1997 at the head of the Egyptian delegation to the Organisaiton of the Islamic Confernce summit there but his efforts were undermined by security warnings to the (ousted) president,“ he said.

Upon his assignment as Egypt’s first post 25 January Revolution minister of foreign affairs in March 2011, Nabil El-Arabi announced plans to resume relations with Iran. However, the plans were subverted by the same security bodies.

Today, these security bodies blame Tehran for supporting the militant groups that executed the Rafah operation – something that Bakaei categorically denied in his talks with Morsi.


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