Case for Regime Change in Iran Still Strong

While there isn’t any support for Iraq-style regime change in Washington–nor would such a strategy ever be wise with regard to Iran–there are any number of strategies which the United States might pursue to encourage regime collapse in Iran: Support for independent trade unions; policies to encourage factionalism within the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps; better use of Voice of America-Persian and Radio Farda, some of whose correspondents are unabashed in their sympathy toward the Islamic Republic; empowering Iranians to bypass firewalls and increase the cost to the regime of establishing them; sanctions targeting any member of the security services or regime; and democracy promotion.


Both Democrats and Republicans have given Iranian leaders more than three decades to come in from the cold, but rather than reform, the regime has only retrenched and become far more dangerous. It’s time to give up on dialogue with the regime, concentrate on direct diplomacy with the Iranian people, and support efforts to encourage them to stand up for their own rights and freedom. It’s time the State Department and White House recognize that there is nothing in statecraft to suggest that the perseverance or protection of ideological and rogue regimes is an American interest, and that not all regimes are worth treating with respect.



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