“There’s Only One Way to Stop Iran”

The New York Times, by Alan J. KupermanPRESIDENT OBAMA should not lament but sigh in relief that Iran has rejected his nuclear deal, which was ill conceived from the start. Under the deal, which was formally offered through the United Nations, Iran was to surrender some 2,600 pounds of lightly enriched uranium (some three-quarters of its known stockpile) to Russia, and the next year get back a supply of uranium fuel sufficient to run its Tehran research reactor for three decades. The proposal did not require Iran to halt its enrichment program, despite several United Nations Security Council resolutions demanding such a moratorium.

Iran was thus to be rewarded with much-coveted reactor fuel despite violating international law. Within a year, or sooner in light of its expanding enrichment program, Iran would almost certainly have replenished and augmented its stockpile of enriched uranium, nullifying any ostensible nonproliferation benefit of the deal. Read more here…

ARD über die Trauerfeier von Ajatollah Montazeri in Iran

BBC Iran protest, Clashes in Isfahan, Dec. 23 2009

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Daniel Pipes: Some Common Sense in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Invited recently by the newly formed Pechter Middle East Polls to ask three questions of 1,000 representative Egyptians and 1,000 urban Saudis, the Middle East Forum focused on Iran and Israel, the countries that most polarize the region. The results are illuminating. Read more here…

Wild behaviour of Basij (P2)

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Iran Isfahan 23 Dec 09 Wild behaviour of Basij

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Die Krönung von Schah-Imam-Ajatollah Chaminov

Foto: IPN

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