Am nächsten Freitag wird gehasst

Ihre Propaganda war auch schon mal besser; der Erfolg der Demonstrationen am Montag hat das Regime irritiert, jetzt wird am nächsten Freitag staatstragend zurückdemonstriert – wo doch bereits am vergangenen Freitag die großen staatstragenden Demonstrationen stattgefunden haben. Aber die waren ja irgendwie gar nicht so groß. Sie rennen halt gerade der Weltgeschichte und dem Weltgericht hinterher.

Iran’s regime said it called a rally in Tehran for Friday to express „hatred“ against the opposition movement, as its two key leaders launched fresh anti-government tirades despite demands they be hanged. […] „The noble people of Tehran will take to Enghelab Square after Friday prayers with their solid and informed presence,“ the Islamic Propagation Coordination Council, which organises regime-backed programmes, said Wednesday.

It said those joining the rally will „scream out their hatred, wrath and disgust against the savage crimes and evil movements of sedition leaders, their Monafeghin (hypocrites) and their monarchist allies.“ (AFP)

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Große Augenblicke der Weltgeschichte

Jedenfalls große Oper. Was stellt wohl dieses Photo dar?

a. Den „Gefangenenchor“ aus einer zeitgenössischen Aufführung der Oper Nabucco

b. Es ist die parodistische Nachstellung eines Revolutionsgemäldes von Jacques-Louis David

c. Iranian lawmakers on Tuesday denounced defeated presidential candidates Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi’s call for illegal rallies and called for their prosecution… und fordern die Todesstrafe, was Press TV einfach vergißt zu erwähnen.

„They filled vans with people“

Zwei interessante kurze Eindrücke von den Demonstrationen des 25. Bahman (via Tehran Bureau):

26 Bahman/Feb 15 The regime’s security forces tried, with some success, to choke off access by protesters to the primary march route and gathering sites in the capital. Here’s what the experience of 25 Bahman was like for one Tehrani who couldn’t make it to the main event:

They were too many! With batons and knives. There were maybe a thousand of us [in my crowd]. I’m really not sure. Maybe more. They never let us join. I had a close call today! I could have ended up in their custody. I was chased down by a group of anti-riot police and violent Basijis. We ran and hid in a small restaurant. The owner was trying to force us out but we begged and begged and he finally agreed to let us stay for a few minutes. They fired teargas and we used that to escape. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Tehran calling

Tehran Bureau mit erstem LiveBlog über den 25. Bahman. Iran News Now LiveBlog.

Die „Reformer“ machen Mut: Emruz News, the website close to the reformist Organization of Islamic Revolution Mojahedin, quoting Al-Arabiyah, reported that credible sources in Tehran have said that security forces have been ordered not to confront the marches if they are sizable, but simply try to control them. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »