Islamische Ökumene: “Du bringst mich um, ich bringe dich um“

So in etwa könnte die Dramaturgie aussehen, das Verhältnis zwischen islamischen Gotteskriegern beschreibend, die des Öfteren über die Vorgehensweise ihrer mörderischen „Philosophie“ uneinig sind.

Islamische Ökumene at its best sozusagen.

Sunni Insurgents Kill 27 in Iran Mosque Bombing

TEHRAN, Iran — A Sunni insurgent group said it carried out a double suicide bombing against a Shiite mosque in southeast Iran to avenge the execution of its leader, as Iranian authorities Friday said the death toll rose to 27 people, including members of the elite Revolutionary Guard.

The blast was the latest by the group Jundallah, which has repeatedly succeeded in carrying out deadly strikes on the Guard, the country’s most powerful military force — including an October suicide bombing that killed more than 40 people. It was a sign that the group is still able to carry out devastating attacks even after Iran hanged its leader Abdulmalik Rigi and his brother earlier this year.

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Terrorausbildung: So viel Zeit muss sein!

Jemens Innenminister Muther Al-Masri sagt, dass die Houthi-Rebellen im Iran ausgebildet werden.

Yemen Accuses Tehran of Sending Yemeni Students To Train In Tehran To Join Houthis

Yemen’s ruling party has accused Iran of supporting the Houthi rebels who are battling the government forces.

It says that the Iranian cultural attache in Cairo recruits Yemeni students studying in Egypt to train in Iran prior to their joining the Houthis in Yemen.

Yemeni Interior Minister Gen. Muther Al-Masri said that there was coordination between Al-Qaeda, the Houthis, and the Southern Movement, which is seeking to declare southern Yemen an independent state.

[The southern region of Yemen, formerly the British colony of Aden, is economically and socially more advanced than the ruling northern Yemen, and they have been agitating for separation from Yemen.]

Quelle (via MEMRI): Al-Zaman, Irak, 8. Oktober 2009


Noch genügend Kohle für Terrorfinanzierung übrig!

Intelligence Report: Iran Financing Al-Qaeda in Iraq

A report submitted to Iraq’s senior leadership by the Iraqi Intelligence Service indicates the existence of three terrorist organizations or groups which carry the name of Al-Qaeda – two of which are financed by Iran.

The first organization is linked with the Al-Qods Brigade (Failaq Al-Qods) under the supervision of General Qassim Suleimani. It has recruited citizens from the provinces of Baghdad, Al-Anbar, and Mosul trained in Iran but redirected into Iraq through other Arab countries to carry out murders, kidnappings, and bombings against targets in their respective provinces.

The second organization, or group, is known as the Islamic State of Iraq, led by Abu Hamza Al-Muhajer, an Egyptian citizens with connections with the world organization of Al-Qaeda. The activities of this group have been constrained due to the strength of the first organization, and because many of its leaders have been killed or captured. The group continues to carry out assassination and bombings.

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