Schwache Demokratie, starke Diktatur

Alle spielen immer nur ihre Rolle; Obama macht den besseren servilen Europäer, und weiß vermutlich gar nicht mehr, was er noch machen soll, um die menschenverachtenden Regime dieser Welt davon zu überzeugen, daß er es wirklich freundlich und voll kooperativ meint. Das Iranische Regime spielt auch weiter: vermutlich bekommen seine Protagonisten umgehend psychosomatische Beschwerden, wenn an die ersehnte Vernichtung von Israel nicht alle 24 Stunden öffentlich erinnert wird.  Darüber hinaus quittieren sie jedes naiv aufmunternde Nicken, das man Ihnen aus dem Westen schenkt, mit einem reflexhaften Ausspucken ins Gesicht des Gegenübers. Aber wieso sollten sie Obama auch ernst nehmen?

Ahmedinejad: „Who thought the US was beatable? Over thirty years ago, everyone said the US army was invincible,“ he went on to say. The Iranian chief executive further reiterated that nobody thought that Israel would be conquerable. „But, the equations have changed these days. The Zionist regime of Israel was defeated by a small group in south Lebanon and Gaza,“ he added. via Press TV

Der Innenminister: Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar insists blames the United States and the Israeli regime for heightening the level of terrorist activities in the world. „Iran has taken off the ugly masks of the United States and Israel since the 1979 Islamic revolution,“ he further explained. „We are very proud of this,“ the Iranian minister concluded. via Press TV

Der Verteidigungsminister: Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has lashed out at the United States for its dual-based nuclear policies. „The US is working on a new generation of nuclear bombs. It also defends Israel that has tens of nuclear warheads but it opposes Iran’s peaceful use of nuclear energy. This shows a double-standard in their nuclear policies,“ ISNA quoted Vahidi as saying on Wednesday. The Iranian minister also rejected the possibility of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear sites by Israel or the United States. „The Zionist regime of Israel is too weak to attack Iran,“ he added. „No trace of Israel will remain if the Zionist regime declares a war on Iran,“ he warned. via Press TV

In responding to Iran, a litany of bad options

Michael Young berichtet in The National über den jüngsten Fehler der Obama-Regierung und insbesondere der Außenministerin Clinton in Bezug auf das iranische Atomwaffenprogramm:

The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton admitted before a gathering of university students in Doha this month that the Obama administration did not intend to attack Iran. Her honesty was surely admirable, but also ill-advised when the United States is engaged in a stand-off with Tehran over its nuclear weapons programme.

Mrs Clinton has claimed to be a devotee of “smart power”, which combines “hard power”, a state’s ability to coerce, with “soft power”, its talent to persuade. Yet with Washington’s efforts to engage Iran having failed until now, was it smart for the secretary to take military action against Iran so completely off the table?

It is painfully obvious that the international community has no idea how to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. [Weiterlesen…]

Almost Literally Irresponsible

US-General David Petraeus hat seiner Zeit mit Recht darauf verwiesen, dass es „almost literally irresponsible“ wäre, wenn die USA über die Möglichkeit eines Militärschlages gegen das iranische Atomprogramm nicht  zumindest nachdächten. Angesichts dieser in Widerspruch zur Appeasement-Politik der Obama-Regierung stehenden Worte vermag es nicht zu überraschen, dass Obamas Außenministerin Hillary Clinton der „Islamischen Republik“ in einem Interview mit Al Jazeera nun ein für alle mal einen Freifahrtsschein ausgestellt hat: Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Hillary mit der Weisheit des Tages

Und sie setzt weiterhin auf die Entschlossenheit der Völkergemeinschaft. Beim Dialog soll’s aber weiterhin bleiben. Na toll!

Clinton: Iran moving toward military dictatorship

RIYADH (Reuters) – The United States believes Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are driving the country toward military dictatorship and should be targeted in any new U.N. sanctions, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday.

Speaking in Qatar before flying to Riyadh, Clinton denied the United States planned to attack Iran and said Washington wanted dialogue with Tehran but could not „stand idly by“ while Iran pursued a suspected nuclear weapons program.

Asked if Washington planned to attack Iran, she replied: „No, we are planning to try to bring the world community together in applying pressure to Iran through sanctions adopted by the United Nations that will be particularly aimed at those enterprises controlled by the Revolutionary Guard, which we believe is, in effect, supplanting the government of Iran.“

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Koalitionen schmieden

U.S. Envoys Head Out on a Mission to Rally Iran’s Neighbors

WASHINGTON — With tensions over Iran’s nuclear ambitions hitting new levels, the United States is mounting a diplomatic full-court press in the Middle East, sending four top diplomats, including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, to confer with Arab and Israeli leaders.

The envoys’ visits to Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were planned separately in recent weeks, but they now have a common purpose, administration officials said: to reassure Iran’s neighbors that the United States will stand firm against Tehran, and to enlist other countries in a global effort to put pressure on the Iranian authorities.

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Frau Ashton steht vorerst auf „Safer….“

Oder anders formuliert: Wer hätte von Frau Ashton ein anderes Statement erwartet? Sie ist worried und willl nach neuen Möglichkeiten Ausschau halten.

What a pity, Cathy!

EU’s Ashton says Iran „worrying,“ U.N. next route

LONDON (Reuters) – The European Union’s new foreign affairs chief said on Sunday she was disappointed with Iran’s failure to engage in talks over its nuclear program and the next step should be to refer it to the U.N. Security Council.

We are worried about what’s happening in Iran. I’m disappointed at the failure of Iran to accept the dialogue and we now need to look again at what needs to happen there,“ Catherine Ashton told Sky News in an interview.

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Clinton: „Ich wasch’ dir den Pelz, aber ich mach’ dich nicht nass!“

World will ’not back down‘ on Iran: Clinton

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday the international community is „unified in its resolve“ to put pressure on Iran over its disputed nuclear program, and will not back down.

However, the chief US diplomat stopped short of renewing the US threat of sanctions following a weekend six-power meeting in New York when China, which is reluctant to use such measures, sent a lower-level envoy.

„Let me be clear, we will not be waited out and we will not back down,“ Clinton told reporters as she stood with European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton.

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Obama’s Iran Policy Falls Short

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn’t impressed. She’s not alone.

Forbes, by Cordon G. ChangDiplomats say the darnedest things. Take our secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. This week, she blurted out the following about America’s Iran policy: „I don’t think anyone can doubt that our outreach has produced very little in terms of any kind of a positive response from the Iranians.“

Whether she was criticizing the ayatollahs or the Obamas is hard to tell–Mrs. Clinton reportedly dislikes both groups intensely–but it is undeniable that she has put her finger on something. The United States, unfortunately, has had little influence over the Iranian leadership this year. Obama’s campaign pledge to meet the world’s top despots, including the ones dwelling in Tehran, has not in fact generated good will in Iran’s abhorrent theocracy.

Read more here…

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„Ein entscheidender Moment für den Iran“

Hillary Clinton hat nun diesen Satz geprägt. Fragt sich nur, ob man das noch ernst nehmen soll.

U.S. tells Iran nuclear deal offer won’t be changed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday said a draft nuclear cooperation deal between Iran and three major powers will not be changed and urged Iran to accept it as is.

„This is a pivotal moment for Iran. We urge Iran to accept the agreement as proposed and we will not alter it and we will not wait forever,“ she told reporters in Washington.

Tehran and Washington have been at odds for years over Iran’s nuclear program, which Western powers fear is a covert effort to develop nuclear weapons. Iran has denied that and says it needs nuclear technology to generate electricity.

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Kein Friedennobelpreis für Osama Bin Laden?

„The Fjordman Files“ erkläret, warum Osama Bin Laden keinen Friedennobelpreis dieses Jahr bekommen hat:

I must admit that the news that US President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was surprising, but only mildly so given what I know about the people who are members of the Nobel Committee in Oslo.

By Norwegian standards, Hillary Clinton is a conservative politician. That was not a joke, it was a factual statement. The New York Times would be one the most right-wing newspapers in Norway. This is the only way I can explain local politics to outsiders. However, even many Norwegians apparently find it puzzling that Barack Hussein Obama got the Peace Prize.

I have spent much of the day trying to figure out why he got it, and I finally came up with this answer: Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Das letzte Iftarmahl*!

Mullah-Retter fressen zusammen und lassen das iranische Volk verhungern…

Dinner with the Secretary: Iran on the menu

Washington Iran experts are invited to dinner with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the State Department tonight.

Among the outside experts invited to dine with the Secretary at the Iran policy dinner, sources say: the Carnegie Endowment’s Karim Sadjadpour, the New America Foundation’s Afshin Molavi, the National Iranian American Council’s Trita Parsi, the Council on Foreign Relations‘ Ray Takeyh, the Woodrow Wilson’s Haleh Esfandiari, Brookings‘ Suzanne Maloney, and George Mason University’s Shaul Bakhash.

„She does these dinners with folks in and out of the building where she solicits views,“ one official explained.

The inside-government attendee list is not clear, but one presumes Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Bill Burns — the U.S. Government point man for international talks on Iran’s nuclear program, his advisor and liaison to the NSC Elisa Catalano, Iran advisor Jillian Burns in the Policy Planning office, Policy Planning chief Anne-Marie Slaughter and deputy Derek Chollet, Iran office head Todd Schwartz, and Holbrooke senior advisor and Shia world expert Vali Nasr are among those welcome to drop by.

The dinner comes before Burns is due to meet Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili and his Russian, French, German, Chinese, and British counterparts for talks in Turkey October 1.

Clinton heads to New York Monday for ten days at the United Nations, where Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is among the heads of state expected.

Abendmahl während der Ramadanszeit

Madame Clinton: Hilfe!

H. NamaziHassan Nemazee, a Clinton finance chairman, said most of her top fund-raisers would support an Obama campaign.

Mr. Hassan Namazi, reichster und prominentester iranischer Sponsor von Barack Hossein Obama, Madame Hillary Clinton und Co. und Freund von Mullah-Lobbyisten, läuft nun wegen Betrug mit einem elektronischen Überwachungssystem am Fuß herum! Im Jahr 1999 wurde er unter Präsident Bill Clinton zum US-Botschafter in Argentinien ernannt, jedoch wurde seine Nominierung vom Senat abgelehnt.

Nun: Was machen Sie, lieber Mr. Barack Hossein Obama, mit Ihrem beliebten Sponsor? Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Hillary Clinton wieder mal‘ äußerst entschlossen….

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton renewed calls Saturday for Iran to immediately release all US citizens held in the Islamic republic.

In a statement Clinton pointed to five cases: the three Americans who hiked into Iran from Iraq in late July; a US-Iranian scholar; and a private detective and former FBI agent who went missing in Iran in 2007.

Washington „is deeply concerned about the welfare of our American citizens who have been detained or are missing in Iran,“ Clinton said.

Wieder mal deeply concerned. Das beeindruckt die Mächtigen in Teheran ganz sicher….

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“Sign of Weakness”

Frau Clinton diagnostiziert in Kenia “Zeichen von Schwäche” beim iranischen Regime. Wird sie etwas Vernünftiges daraus machen?

NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) — Iran’s trial of more than 100 people who it has linked to post-election unrest is a „sign of weakness“ and shows that the Islamic republic „is afraid of its own people,“ U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN Thursday.

Iran is „afraid of the truth and the facts coming out,“ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

„It is a show trial, there’s no doubt about it,“ Clinton told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in a wide-ranging interview to be broadcast on his „GPS“ program Sunday.

„It demonstrates I think better than any of us could ever say that this Iranian leadership is afraid of their own people, and afraid of the truth and the facts coming out.“

Quelle, vollständiger Text: CNN

Hillary missbilligt

Frau Clinton vermeidet weiterhin erfolgreich, dem Regime auf die Zehen zu treten und zündet die nächste Stufe der Betroffenheitsrhetorik.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday „deplored“ the alleged abuse of political prisoners in Iran following the election and urged their immediate release.

„We believe that it is imperative for (Iran) … to release political prisoners and treat them appropriately and humanely,“ said Clinton, adding that the continued detention and alleged abuse of prisoners suggested the political situation inside of Iran had not been resolved.

(Sue Pleming, Sandra Maler, REUTERS)

Atomstreit: Die USA ermahnt wieder mal

Hillary Clinton fährt ihre scharfen Krallen aus – nicht ohne sich vorher Handschuhe überzustreifen:

(Reuters) Außenministerin Hillary Clinton sagte am Mittwoch, dass die Absichten des Iran nach den Wahlen im letzten Monat unklar seien und dass das Angebot der USA an den Iran, über sein Atomprogramm zu sprechen, nicht unbegrenzt bestehe.

Die Top-Diplomatin missbillige die „repressiven“ Maßnahmen gegen die Demonstranten nach der Wahl und sagte, dass weder sie noch Präsident Barack Obama sich irgendwelchen Illusionen hingeben würden, dass Gespräche mit Teheran Erfolg garantierten.

„Wir haben deutlich gemacht, dass die iranische Regierung eine Wahl hat und wir werden sehen, wie sie sich entscheidet“, so Clinton in einer Rede vor einem Think Tank für außenpolitische Beziehungen.

Den vollständigen Text bitte [in Englisch] weiterlesen…

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