Die nächste Runde: Hungerstreik, erster Tag vor dem UNO-Hauptquartier

Googoosh, Ganji** und andere bekannte Exiliraner schließen sich dem Protest an

At an event today, July 22, 2009 organized by long time political prisoner of the islamic regime Akbar Ganji, dozens of Iranian celebrities and notable citizens start a hunger strike in front of the United Nations building in New York City. Googoosh is interviewed by CNN Iranian reporter and mobbed by supporters.

**Zu Ganji:

Wir werden in Zukunft alle Beiträge oder Aufrufe weglassen, in den Personen wie Ganji zu Wort kommen, die sich antisemitisch verhalten oder als Israelhasser zu erkennen geben; sehe Text unten:

Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
Friends, I’m JUST the storyteller so I don’t need anyone attacking me BUT you need to know that on Wednesday, a reporter, an Iranian Jewish lady who works with the Farsi Broadcast of Radio Israel approached the emotionally stunted Akbar Ganji for an interview for their broadcast and Ganji’s response was: „I don’t talk to Jews & Israelis!“ NICE…and this guy is supposed to be for freedom?