Get Ready for a Nuclear Iran

John Bolton im Wall Street Journal über die iranische Bombe, den Unwillen der Obama-Regierung, selbige zu verhindern, und Israel:

Negotiations grind on toward a fourth U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, even as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrives in New York to address the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference. Sanctions advocates acknowledge that the Security Council’s ultimate product will do no more than marginally impede Iran’s progress.

In Congress, sanctions legislation also creaks along, but that too is simply going through the motions. Russia and China have already rejected key proposals to restrict Iran’s access to international financial markets and choke off its importation of refined petroleum products, which domestically are in short supply. Any new U.S. legislation will be ignored and evaded, thus rendering it largely symbolic. Even so, President Obama has opposed the legislation, arguing that unilateral U.S. action could derail his Security Council efforts. [Weiterlesen…]

Bolton on Iran getting nukes

FOX News mit einem Interview mit John Bolton:

hat tip: Israel Matzav.

„The mullahs must go“

John Bolton trifft den Nagel in der Los Angeles Times einmal mehr auf den Kopf:

Obama’s policy, and that of the United States, should be the overthrow of the Islamic revolution of 1979. The massive resistance to the June 12 elections is just another fact supporting that conclusion. […]

We have missed a huge opportunity because of Obama’s error (and that of his predecessors), but the continuing threat of Iranian nuclear weapons and support for international terrorism make the imperative of regime change no less compelling. The Iranian people will continue their opposition no matter how inconvenient it is for Obama’s hoped-for negotiations. We should support them, and not just by rhetoric.

Im Slate Magazine schlägt Benjamin Weinthal gleich sechs Wege vor, wie das Ganze ohne einen Militäreinsatz bewerkstelligt werden könnte (Sanktionen, Sanktionen und noch mal Sanktionen). Er kommt zu folgendem Fazit:

President Obama has enough latitude to modify Iran’s behavior without resorting to military action. However, the Iranian nuclear clock is ticking, and a pressure-point sanctions strategy requires time. And time is President Obama’s enemy.